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I wonder if anybody can throw any light on one of my great,great grandfathers. His name was Daniel Byrne. My grandfather told me that his grandfather Daniel Byrne moved from the Craanford area of Co Wexford along with a brother, Andrew Byrne and they bought property in the Ballylusk area of Ashford in Co Wicklow. I dont know what year they left Craanford but  I think it would have been the 1840s as Daniel is listed  in Griffiths Valuation as farming in Ballylusk. Daniel had a son Garrett who was born in Wexford, I think, because I can't find any reference to a baptism in Ashford. Garrett was 68 in the 1901 census so he would put him as born in 1833 ish. So that would leave Daniel as possibly born around 1800 or thereabouts. I dont know if Danile had any more family, whether his wife was alive when they moved county. Garett is buried in Trinity Graveyard, Ashford. There are a few Daniels showing as buried there also now whether any of them are my ancestor I have not been able to find out. Garrets first born son was named Daniel but I dont think he lived very long.There are no civil records of a Daniel or Andrew Byrne dying from 1860 onwards which is when the civil records seem to kick in. Thanking you in advance. Jaybee.


Sunday 12th April 2020, 04:05PM

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  •  Sorry  Iam unable to help you with your Byrne query.

    Pat O Leary.

    patrickjoseph35, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 13th April 2020, 02:34PM
  • Hi Jaybee,

    My name is Mike Lancor and my wife Kate and I have a business called Old Friends Genealogy out of Moultonborough, NH, USA.  We did some preliminary searching and found the following records:

    • The Civil Parish Kilnahue overlaps with the Roman Catholic Parish Craanford in Co. Wexford.  In 1825 when the Tithe Applotment Books were recorded for Civil Parish Kilnahue, there was a Daniel Byrne residing in Townland Lyran in Civil Parish Kilnahue.  Daniel was on 39 acres of land and listed next to him in the same townland was a Michl Byrne on 20 acres.  It is very likely that Daniel and Michl Byrne were related (e.g. brothers, father and son, etc.).

    • As you noted, when Griffith's Valuation was recorded in 1854 in Towland Ballylusk, Civil Parish Rathnew, Co. Wicklow, Daniel Byrne was farming on 51 acres of land.

    • In the 1854, there was an Andrew Byrne residing in Townland Commons, Civil Parish Rathnew, Co. Wicklow.  We do not know if this was the brother of Daniel living in Townland Lyran, but this Andrew Byrne was the only one residing in Civil Parish Rathnew as head of household.

    • Garrett Byrne and Mary Cullen were married on 21 Jan 1867 in the RC Chapel of Ashford, Reg. Dist. Ashford, in the Union of Rathdrum in Co. Wicklow.  Garrett was a farmer, residence Ballylusk and his father indeed was Danl Byrne also listed as a farmer.  His wife Mary Cullen's residence was also Ballylusk and her father was Simon Cullen (farmer).  The marriage record does not indicate that either father (Danl Byrne or Simon Cullen) was deceased.

    Hope this information is helpful to you.  There certainly is more digging to be done regarding Daniel and Andrew Byrne.  Best of luck.  Our business email address is

    Kate and Mike Lancor



    Monday 13th April 2020, 07:00PM

    Hi Mike and Kate

    Thank you for your prompt reply.  It's good to hear from across the water  

    I will get back to you on your website

    Cheers, Jaybee  



    Tuesday 14th April 2020, 08:30AM
  • Dear Jaybee:  You might try creating an Ancestor profile about Daniel Byrnes on the XO Chronicles feature of the website.  Many of these profiles are widely read by our members and they often lead to family member collaborating and sharing their information.  The link is here:

    As to the records that Lancor referred to above, they are available for free on Irish Genealogy which is the Government website for Civil records in Ireland.  This site contains births marriages and deaths from 1864.  The link is here: It may be worth your while to contact a local historian about the family if they remained in the area through the 1901 & 1911 Censuses and as you indicated, they are buried in the area.  There is a local historical society in Rathnew--the Wicklow Historical Society.  Their website is here: and there is a lot of information contained within it.  

    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.  

    The best of luck with your research.  

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 5th May 2020, 02:25PM