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I am searching for more information on WILLIAM WHELAN/WHEALAN, born 23 Dec. 1842 in Rathdrum, County Wicklow.  He married on 19 Aug. 1865 in Rathdrum  to MARY ABIGAIL {ABBIE} GRAHAM, born in 1845, County Cork. 

Their daughter, ELIZABETH WHELAN, was born 24 May 1866 in Rathdrum.

Sometime between 1866 and 1869, when their eldest son was born, the Whelan family left Ireland and came to the United States.  I believe they may have entered the US possibly through Canada, although I have searched for proof of their immigration without success.

Their eldest son, WILLIAM,  was born 22 Sept. 1869 in Michigan and as was the next child, MATTHEW J., born 6 June 1874, born Michigan.  By January 1875, the family is living in St. Louis, MO, where their third son, JOHN W., is born.

They then added four [4] girls to their family, all born in St. Louis: CATHERINE [Kate] A., born 17 Dec. 1876; FRANCES A. T., born 23 March 1879; ANNA [Annie] A., born 16 June 1878; and MARY, b. 7 June 1880; d. 8 June 1880. records have William Whelan/Whealan's father listed as a JOHN WHELAN and Mary Abigail (Abbie) Graham's father as MATTHEW W. GRAHAM.

Can anyone help me find where I need to look next in order to look for more information on JOHN WHELAN and MATTHEW W. GRAHAM?

I'd appreciate any assistance.

Thank you.

Ceiligh Hunter


Saturday 21st January 2012, 02:54AM

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  • Hi Ceiligh,

    Thank you very much for your query to Ireland Reaching Out. Could you please post your message on the Rathdrum parish profile page here: and also on the the County Cork profle here:

    If the families were Catholic, then there might be records available for their baptism and marriages. The Rathdrum baptism records start from 1795. Try contacting the parish priest in Rathdrum for information. They should have records for you, as you already have some details on their children. The National Library of Ireland may have information also: Reference Pos.6476

    I would also suggest checking land records such as the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) for information.

    Best of luck in your research!

    Sinead Cooney

    Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 12:44PM
  • Hello, a chairde,


    I'm looking for information for any of the following people:

    Geo. Graham, b. 1822 and married Mary Doyle, b.1840 in 1862 ( parents of Mary - John and Ellen Doyle). They had three children born in Ireland: Mary A. b.1862, William, b.1863 and John, b. 1866. They immigrated to Dubuque County Iowa sometime between 1867 & 1869.

    I have photo's of two women who may have been neices or cousins by the names of Ann Graham and Elizabeth Graham.

    I belive that they came from Co. Wicklow from statements made in Obits.

    I have contacted many Parishes and the Wicklow Historic Center but have yet to find a parish with bapt. records that match the information I have from US records.

    I will be in Ireland to search records this Sept. hoping to find records and relatives.

    Help from anyone would be great.




    Robert Graham


    Thursday 5th July 2012, 10:02PM