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Martin Dolan, died in 1953 in Nutfield, Ballinasloe

This message is for Graham Dolan, and it is connected to this Builiding

My brother-in-law went out and took a photo of the building last night. It is in Nutfield Knocknagreana for sure. It seems to the second in a line of about 7 blocks of semi-detached houses all in a similar style except for the first which is detached. 

Martin Dolan's House 2020

I can't tell you any of the history -  there is nothing online and a person who used to live nearby and who knew everything about that area, the wonderful Mrs Casey, sadly passed away last year. If I come across any details I will let you know.

I am attaching a few photos of the building from yesterday and a clip of where it is on the map. Also here are the Google coordinates.

I am also attaching a pdf of what would appear to be Martin's death record that I got from You will be better placed to confirm the details and probably have this already.

I hope this is of some help. My Dad might know more about the houses, and I will ask him next time I visit, as it might be difficult to explain over the phone.



Wednesday 8th Apr 2020, 01:18PM

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  • Graham

    My uncle Ray Jordan remembers visiting Martin Dolan exsoldier and tailor to have clothes altered. He remembers Martin having a moustache and sitting cross legged on table while working.

    we drove by the house today.



    John Jordan


    Friday 30th Jun 2023, 07:57PM

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