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I am looking for information on my second great-grandfather, James Norton, his spouse and children.  I believe James was born in 1845 in County Monaghan, and had at least  four children: Mary (1863);  Bridget (1866) Annie (1867) and James (1869).  It appears James did not emigrate from Ireland, but his spouse Bridget did in the late 1800's, apparently after James death.  

In addition to whatever information you could provide, I am particularly interested in his spouse's maiden name:  I have seen it as both Markey and Murphey. Also, if there are records as to James's  death, and his family's eventual emigration to America, that would also be most welcome. 

Thank you so much for help.  

Jerry Ferguson, Columbus Ohio USA




Thursday 30th Apr 2020, 11:36PM

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