1st January 1938
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The Schools' Collection was undertaken by the National Folklore Commission between 1937-1939. Maghera School was one of the schools that collected local folklore from the community.

Maghera School was a local mixed school located in Maghera townland, Tulla.  The school was part of the Schools' Collection in the 1930s.  The stories were written in English, Irish and mixed (both English and Irish versions).  The School pupils who attended came from the parishes of Clooney and Tulla.  The school opened in 1869 and educated many of the local school children well into the 1970s.  The schoolhouse is now a private residence.  The following stories were included:
Stories collected included:

Hidden Treasures

Funny Stories

Signs of Rain and Storm

Sayings about the Weather

Famous Men

Strong Men


A Disease and Great Storms

Old Crafts

Old Cures

Old Proverbs



Blessed Wells


Raths and Forts

Names of Places

My Townland

The Famine



The Churn


The Tailor



Cnoc na Togher



Holy Island

Magh Adhair

A Hedge School

Tyredagh Castle

Quin Abbey

A Mass Rock

Sagart an Blásnach

Collectors and Informants included the following:

Thomas Canny

Patrick Conroy

Patsy Conroy

Michael Cusack

Patrick Degidon

Peter Dinan

Thomas O'Donnell

Joe Garvey

Joseph Garvey

Patty O'Halloran

Patrick O'Halloran

John Hickey

Johnny Hickey

Patrick Markham

Mrs. Murphy

John Murphy

Doctor McNamara

Patrick McNamara

Michael Torpey

Michael Vaughan

Ned Vaughan

Thomas Whelan

This collection can be accessed at the following link: 

This list was compiled by Jane Halloran Ryan, Ireland Reaching Out Volunteer


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