The Schools' Collection for Tulla Boys School, Tulla, County Clare

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The Schools' Collection was undertaken by the National Folklore Commission between 1937-1939. Tulla Boys' School was one of the schools that collected local folklore from the community.

Tulla Boys'  School was a local boys' school located in the village of Tulla near the Fair Green.  The School was in operation from the mid-19th century until the 1960s.  The school is owned by the Parish of Tulla and various activities take place within it including a local pre-school.  The school took  part in the Schools' Collection in the 1930s.  The stories were written in English, Irish and mixed (both English and Irish versions).  The following stories were included:



The Old Witch

A Haunted House,

A Mysterious Hunt,

Holy Well,


Jack O' Lantern

Pat O'Leary

A Fairy Spell

The House by the Wayside

The Widow's Curse

The Enchanted Flute

The Priest

The Three Giants

A Remarkable Bush

The Fairy Glen



Saint Mochulla of Tulla

Legend Connected with the Bull

Miracle of St. Mochulla

Miracle after St. Mochulla's Death

The Informants and Collectors of these stories were:

John Dooley

Michael J. Dooley

John Gorman

Michael McGrath

Mrs. McGrath

Pat McGrath

Patrick McGrath

Mr Tom Halloran

William O'Halloran

Michael O'Halloran

Mrs. Halpin

Conor Halpin

Denis Halpin

Michael Halpin

John Kennedy

Patrick Lawrence

Michael Lillis

Brendan McMahon

Brendan MacMahon

Michael Malone

Donal Murphy

Mrs. M.J. Murphy

Pat MacNamara

Thomas J. Reidy

Michael Reidy

Mrs. Tubridy

Mrs. Walsh

Mrs. Mary Walsh

William Walsh

Patrick Whelan

Mrs. Whelan

The collection can be viewed at the following link:

The list was compiled by Jane Halloran Ryan, Ireland Reaching Out Volunteer and Tulla Parish Liaison Volunteer