Tulla Total Abstinence Association Formed

July 1890
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Establishment of the Total Abstinence Society Tulla Branch

This article was taken from the Saturday Record, July 1890:


A special meeting of the male members of the Total Abstinence Society, which was recently established in this parish was held in the chapel at 2 o'clock on last Monday.  Upwardss of 700 men attended.  The object of the meeting was to elect a committee for the current year as well as to lay before the members, for their approval, a series of rules pertaining to the Association.  On the motion of Mr. Timothy Murphy, seconded by Mr. John Gregg,  Rev. Father Quin, C.C. was unanimously elected President of the Association.  On being moved to the chair, the Rev. Present gave a very forcible lecture on the evils of intemperance at the close of which he expressed himself highly gratified at the large number that had already joined the Association, and hoped that ere long every person of eligible age in the parish would be found under its banner, working shoulder to shoulder to wipe out for ever that one stigma on the Irish race--the horrible vice of intemperance.  Though the society is is still in its infancy close on 1,700 persons have joined, a fact which augurs well for its future success in this parish.  After the lecture, the following, on being duly proposed and seconded, were elected on the committee: Dr. M. Molony, Messrs T. Murphy, M. Keane, J. Tubridy, M. Hogan, D. Ryan, D. King, P. McGrath, P. Boland, J. O'Gorman, M. Corbett, T. Quigley, P. Duggan, P. O'Donnell, J. Considine and J. Flynn.  Finally the members entered into a discussion in reference to the building of a temperance hall in the town, but no definite arrangement was come to til next Sunday, when the committee will meet, and finally consider the matters. 

Saturday Record, July 1890.