Anna Parnell Visits Tulla

5th June 1881
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Anna Parnell attended a Ladies' Land League meeting in Tulla on 5 June 1881.

On Sunday, 5 June 1881 in Tulla, Anna Parnell, sister of Charles Stewart Parnell and the Founder of the Ladies' Land League in Ireland, attended a meeting on the hill of Tulla in support of the Ladies' Land League Club that was founded there.  The meeting was one of the largest that had taken place to date in Ireland, and due to the large crowds that gathered, it had to be moved to the chapel yard which had grounds around the Church there as well as fields at the back and the street-front.  Rev. John Hayes, PP of Tulla chaired the meeting in the chapel-yard and Miss Parnell was able to speak to the crowds. 

Local newspapers reported the presence of 100 policemen stationed around the church yard, the courthouse and in the street due to the large attendance of both men and women.  Miss Parnell spoke to the thousands who gathered and it was reported that the village remained in an excited state until late in the night.

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