The Outrage In Clare Inquest On the Victim

2nd February 1892
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Newspaper Extract from Freeman's Journal 2 February 1892

An inquest was held on Saturday eening on Mr. Charles W. Perry, who died at Fomerla on Saturday from injuries sustained by being shot at while going to Mass by four disguised men.  After evidence had been given the jury returned the following verdict:--

"That the deceased, Chas W Perry, of Fomerla, died on January 29th from exhaustion following a gunshot wound inflicted on him at Newgrove, on his way to Mass on Sunday, 17 January1 1892; and we find that the said gunshot wound was feloniously inflicted on said Chas W Perry by some person or persons unknown to the jury."

Prayers for the repose of the soul of Mr. Perry were offered at all the Masses in and about Tulla yesterday, and the clergymen deounced the crime in the strongest language possible.