Fenian Arrests

13th March 1867
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Newspaper Extract taken from the Cork Examiner, 13 March 1867

Two arrests, if not more, were made last night.  One of the parties is a soldier of the 89th Regiment, who gives the name of O'Donnell, and states he has been over from Aldershott on furlough, and was returning from visiting his friends at Tulla, County Clare, when picked up in George Street last night in a state of drunkenness.  He wore a wide-awake hat, and had a carpet bag, with clothes, and two sovereigns in his possession.  He exhibited a bad black and swollen eye, which he accounted for by saying he fell off the car while drunk.  He could produce no furlough, which he states he has lost.  He was brought before the magistrates at the Police Court this morning, and remanded for eight days.