As part of a project to celebrate Heritage Week, we hope to further augment this index and document the existence of these pumps in North Galway and throughout Ireland.
Barrack Street, Dunmore

Galway County Council’s Record of Protected Structures and the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage have compiled a list of over 45 water pumps throughout Co. Galway. The images here add to this list. Their design and location give an indication of how life was, particularly in rural Ireland in the period before water was available in every household. All of the images were recorded in July 2015 when all of the pumps were long out of use. GPS co-ordinates have been listed so that anyone hoping to see these objects can do so. We received great feedback from our newsletter "Water pumps- social hubs of their time" in Mayo 2016, our readers kindly sent us on photos of water pumps from throughout Ireland. 

Further Information

Galway County Council Record of Protected Structures

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage: Buildings of Ireland