Irish Famine Orphan Heritage (IFOH)

The Irish Famine Orphan Heritage group is now six years old and seeks to place the Famine Orphans as emigrants fleeing famine and oppression, within personal, psychological, socio-economic and world history contexts.

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Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade aims to serve the Irish people, promote their values and advance their prosperity abroad, and to provide the Government with the capabilities, analysis and influence to ensure that Ireland derives the maximum benefit from all areas of its external engagement. 

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Guinness Archives

The Guinness Archive preserves the historical records of the St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin from 1759 to the present.  It is located in GUINNESS STOREHOUSE® andIrelan is the only corporate archive that is fully open to the public in Ireland. 

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The Heritage Council

The work of the Heritage Council aims to provide a greater understanding of the importance of Ireland’s heritage through the provision of grants, advice, conservation, and heritage initiatives.

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National Library of Ireland

The National Library’s holdings make up the most comprehensive collection of Irish documentary material in the world and offer an invaluable insight into Ireland’s history and heritage.

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Melbourne Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum is part of Museum Victoria, which is Australia’s largest public museum organisation and explores the stories of real people from all over the world who have migrated to Victoria, Australia.

Located in the Old Customs House in the heart of the city of Melbourne, the museum re-creates the real-life stories of coming to Australia with a rich mix of moving images, personal and community voices, memories and memorabilia.

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Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation

From 1892 to 1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through the portal of Ellis Island, a small island in New York Harbor. The Ellis Island Foundation is responsible for the restoration of Ellis Island and the preservation of all the records relating to all immigrants

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The Military Archives

The Military Archives holdings make up the most comprehensive collection of revolutionary material commencing with the foundation of the Irish Volunteers on 25th November 1913. The Military Archives, as an official place of deposit under the National Archives Act, contains the official papers of the Defence Forces, Department of Defence and the Army Pensions Boards in additional to over 1200 private collections.

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Irish Photo Archive

The Irish Photo Archive, is an exclusive collection of almost 3.5 million old Irish photos and historical images, many of them produced for newspaper and other publications.

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