July 17, 2023
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Peter first sought help from the message board back in October 2021, you can read his initial post here, he was looking for information about John Mackey of Antrim, he had two pages from a prayer book that listed his siblings and birthdates. 

Elwyn, a local volunteer and expert in Northern Ireland records came on board to help find out more information. After some initial searches proved unfruitful, Elwyn decided to visit the Unitarian Churchyard in Antrim to see if he could find anything out. He found 1 legible Mackey gravestone, for Samuel Mackey who died Aug 1792 aged 36, the grave was in a row of 4 or 5 all with a shared fence around them suggesting they may be connected. 

The search continued and Peter started planning a trip to Antrim to further his research. He discovered a tree transcribed onto a piece of wallpaper created back in 1960 found in a family bible which included a Samuel Mackey born 1756 matching the gravestone found by Elwyn and links to the Robinsons of Doninica who Elwyn also found in the set of graves.

Fast forward two years and Peter and his wife met with Elwyn in the former Unitarian church graveyard in Antrim town. The Mackeys seem to have been fairly successful business folk some of whom served in the military. The search continues!


Peter with Elwyn, Andrew Irvine Park Cemetery. Robinson and Mackey Graves   Clearing the ivy from John and Thomas Robinson's gravestone

Pictured above is  Peter with Elwyn at Andrew Irvine Park Cemetery. Robinson and Mackey Graves.