November 09, 2023
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Patricia contacted IrelandXO looking to find out more information about her paternal grandparents born in Ireland.

Patricia knew her grandmother Nora (Ryan) OConnor was born April 8, 1987, in Croom, Banogue Co Limerick.  Her husband Tim OConnor was born in Bruree, Croom, Co Limerick.

Patricia had been to Ireland many times but not since she started her family tree over 7 years ago. Despite much research, she wasn't able to confirm her Ryan family

Local volunteer Maresa got in touch and began to work through the Ryan's to see if she could make a breakthrough. Maresa soon discovered that it was in fact the placenmaes that were causing confusion. Most Ryan families had the same first names and you can have many Ryan families in the same parish. It was here that Maresa was really helped her as being local in Croom she had the knowledge of how to decipher which Ryan families were connected to her.

This has enabled her to concentrate on the correct lines.

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