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Stayed in Ireland

John Cuttle (1790-1841) of Ardkeenagh (son of George Cuttle of Estersnow) was baptising children in Estersnow Church of Ireland since 1816. 

With his first wife Margaret Cuttle (1797-1817) three children appear on church records: Anne Cuttle b. 1813, George Cuttle b. 1816 and Mary Anne Cuttle b. Jun 1817.  His wife, Margaret's burial was recorded soon after. 

John then married Mary Purdue and baptised a large family in Estersnow from 1819-1838. Among their emigrating children were:

  • Jane Cuttle (born Oct. 1823 dau. of John) who married Benjamin C. Rea of Knockrush (born July 9, 1819 son of Adam Rea) on June 8th 1848. Later that month they emigrated to the U.S. arriving in New Orleans in Aug., 1848, they finally settled in Morgan County, IL in 1849.

  • John Cuttle (1824-1886) of Ardkeena, Estersnow farmer, who married schoolmistress Anne Ekins of Lugnashammer, Killukin (dau. of William Ekins) on 25 March 1852 (witnesses by James Acheson & Thomas McClelland). John farmed at Ardkeenagh until 1877, when they migrated to New Zealand arriving at Port Chalmers (Dunedin) on 29 December. 



In the townland of Knockroe near Rushfield (civil parish of Estersnow) there is a field still known today as "Cuttles field". The small lane leading to Cuttle’s field is known as Cuttle's boreen. (SOURCE)

In 1858, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, the only farm recorded in the parish of Estersnow was that of John Cuttle & Anne Ekins (son of John Cuttle & Mary Purdue). "Cuttles Field" at #5a Knockroe, was a farm of 18 acres, just north of Cavetown Lough, on the boundary with Ardkeenagh. 

George Cuttle (1760-1837) of Estersnow potentially had the following sons (naming their children after him)

  • Maurice Cuttle & Mary ? of Ardcarna (sic) aka Ardkeenagh baptised a George in 1804. 

  • John Cuttle & Margaret ? (could be an error for Mary Purdue) baptised a George in 1816

  • George Cuttle & Eleanor ? of Ardkean (sic) aka Ardkeenagh baptised a George in 1822 and again 1823

There are no Cuttles on the 1841 Tithe Records records for Ardkeenagh or Knockroe.

A George Cuttle of Estersnow served in the Rifle Brigade 1827-1835 and was discharged at age 30. 


Cuttle is not a particularly common name in Ireland. (See also the surname variants Cuttell, Cottill, Cotell, Cottle, and Cottlestown Co. Sligo).

  • In 1797 John Cuttle of the parish of Tibohine is the only flax-grower on record in Co. Roscommon. Presumably the forefather of Michael Cuttle of Tully or of Main St Cloonshanville

  • In 1858, the only Cuttle cluster was near the village of Croghan (just south of Boyle, Co. Roscommon) in the parish; of Eastersnow; (later, between 1864 and 1913, the greatest cluster of births was in Castlerea). 

  • George Cuttle (1760-1837) of Estersnow died on 10 Dec 1837

  • See also Anne Cuttle (1780-1817) 


The Cuttles of Boyle were also members of the Church of Ireland.

  • John Cuttle b. June 1806 was born in Boyle 

  • John Cuttle of Lugnamuddagh aka Cashelfinogue BOYLE appears on Tithe Records in 1833. 

  • Jones Cuttle of The Green BOYLE (fl. 1858) was John Cuttle "of the Roscommon Staff" (source: Boyle Church of Ireland: Rev T Hackett; no DOB).

  • John Cuttles of Letfordspark,  of Warren or Drum, and of Chapel Lane, Mocmoyne, appear on record in Griffiths Valuation of BOYLE in 1858. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1790 (circa)  
Date of Death 1841  
Associated Building (s) Estersnow Cemetery  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden)  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) presumably George Cuttle (1760-1837) of Estersnow  
Townland born Probably Ardkeenagh  
Place & Date of Baptism Eastersnow Church of Ireland  
Names of Siblings    
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) 1. Margaret ? (1797-1817) 2. Mary Purdue  
Place & Date of Marriage    
Names of Children John b. 1819, Edward (11 Sep 1820), Jane (23 Aug 1822), John Cuttle (31 Oct 1824), Thomas Cuttle (16 Apr 1827), William Purdue Cuttle (01 Jan 1829), Richard Cuttle (20 Apr 1834), Elizabeth (06 Jun 1836), Susanna (10 Aug 1838).  
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  • Trying hard to find Mary Anne CUTTLE who married Thomas BRUEN 1808, Elphin, Roscommon.  A daughter of their's, Mary born Boyle circa 1824 married a soldier James JARRETT 24 January 1845 in Boyle.

    James and Mary JARRETT were my 2XG-grandparents.  Mary BRUEN had at least 6 sisters Margaret; Jane; Ann; Eliza; Rebecca; Charlotte.  I am in touch with descendants of Charlotte in the USA.  I wonder if they are connected to the CUTTLEs in the interesting article above.  I am new to this website today.  Best wishes, Diana-in-Canada






    Diana Nicholas

    Thursday 25th March 2021, 09:27PM
  • Hi Diana

    Welcome to the Ireland XO Roscommon Community!

    Mary Anne Cuttle was from Eastersnow near Croghan Village (confirmed in her marriage record). This means that she is indeed related to John Cuttle above, most likely his sister – and a daughter of George Cuttle (1760-1837) of Estersnow

    On 8 December 1808, Mary Anne Cuttle wed in ESTERSNOW CHURCH OF IRELANDThomas Bruen was from the town of Boyle and they raised their family there on Cootehall Street

    In BOYLE-CHURCH OF IRELAND, Thomas & Mary Anne Bruen of Boyle Town are recorded baptising the following children:

    • Margaret Bruen 15-Jun-1829
    • Susan Bruen 17-Mar-1831 
    • Edward Randall Bruen  17-Jun-1832
    • Rebecca Bruen 10-Apr-1835
    • Charlotte Bruen  12-Aug-1838


    Margaret Cuttle (1797-1817) died at Estersnow age 20 in Jun 1817

    Anne Cuttle (1757-1817) died at Estersnow age 58  in Aug 1817


    Elizabeth Cuttle died at Estersnow on 07-Jan-1834.

    George Cuttle (1760-1837) of Estersnow died age 77  on 10-Dec-1837

    John Cuttle (1757-1817) died at Estersnow age 58  in 1841.

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    Tuesday 20th April 2021, 05:02AM

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