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Pictorial history of the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph, U.S.A., page 69:
The Dominican province of Saint Joseph: historico-biographical studies:
Father William Quinn born in Clock Jordan (s/b Cloughjordan) Tipperary Ireland on
August 1, 1847.  His parents, Richard and Bridget (Collisson) Quinn, were also natives of Cloughjordan, and were married there.  They brought their family to America and settled in London, Ontario, Canada, when William was a mere child.  There he received his early education, and form there entered the Order.  He received the habit at Saint Rose's, Washington County, Kentucky, in November, 1866.  Ill health having developed during his strict novitiate, his profession was deferred until May 5, 1868.  He stuided at Saint Rose's until 1873, when he transferred to Saint Joseph's, Perry County, Ohio.  He was ordained at this place on August 6, 1874, by Bishop Sylvester H. Rosecrans, and continued studying there until the following year.  In 1875 Father Quinn was sent to Saint Antoninus', Newark, New Jersey, and was on of the charter memebers of that institution.  Here he remained for 11 years.  In 1886 he was transferred to Holy Rosary, Minneapolis.  From there he went to Zanesville, Ohio, as pastor and superior.  That was in 1890.  Late in 1893 the fathers at Saint Rose's, in Kentucky, elected him prior of that place.  He held the position for two terms, or 6 years.  In 1899 he was sent to Saint Vincent Ferrer's, New York City.  But the following year he became syndic at Saint Joseph's in Ohio, remaining there in that capacity until 1908.  His next and final home was Saint Antoninus', Newark, where he had entered on his active life as a priest.  He died, of a heart attack, at Saint Mary's Hospital, Orange, New Jersey, Mary 30, 1919, and was buried in the Dominican plot in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Newark.  

While not so brainy as some of the men the outlines of whose lives have been laid before the reader, Father William Quinn had a mentality that was far above the average.  So was he a good student, and gathered a wide range of useful knowledge. He was a fine moral theologian.  His knowledge of scripture and history was remarkable.  One could hardly visualize a more gentlemanly and exemplary priest or regligious.  Though never a strong man, he often helped in the missions, and was much liked wherever he went.  As a pastor he was acutely zealous.  As a superior he was almost without a parallel.  Ever did he lead the way.  The others followed without awaiting a command.  To set the example was his golden rule of governing.  It worked perfectly.  As a confessor he had few equals, for it was the sacred tribunal that he especially poured out the balm of his compassion and charity on the festering wounds of the soul.  He never tired at this work, even when unwell.  Here he was assuredly another Christ longing for the salvation of the human race.  It is no wonder then he was profoundly beloved both within the Order and without. It is said that, wherever he lived and labored, he carried the hearts of the people in the palms of his hands.  During the last years of his life, Father Quinn was almost a perpetual sufferer.  Yet he never complained.  He remained at his work until the end, dying in the harness.  The while of his last sojourn in Newark he was chaplain of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd near the priory.  Two days before his demise he said mass at this institution, whose members looked upon him as a father.  That afternoon he was stricken with a severe attack of the heart, and rushed to Saint Mary's Hospital, Orange.  There he received the last sacraments of the Church, and surrendered his pure soul to God with the joy and calmness of the just, May 30, 1919.  Everywhere, and by all without exception, was the news of his death received with profound sorrow.  His brethren from near and far, the dicesan clergy headed by Bishop John Joseph O'Connor, and the people of the parish came in large numbers to pay him their last respects at his funeral.  He was another large man with a heart as big as his body.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Aug 1847  
Date of Death 30th May 1919  

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