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Bogwood or Carrowntogher
Bogwood or Carrowntogher

Bogwood House was the residence of Lewis Hawkes Moreton Esq. (1762–1839) Attorney, who also had a residence at Upper Dominick-street, Dublin,  circa 1829. L.H. Moreton Esq. was a Moreton of Castlenode, Strokestown.

As early as 1817, Lewis Hawkes Moreton Esq of Bogwood was being chased by a large number of creditors (to include his mother, Olivia Moreton of Castlenode, and the Packenham Mahons of Stroekstown House).  

In 1824, Bogwood is recorded as Carrrowintoher in the Tithe Applotment Books where the name L. H. Morton Esq. is recorded holding 40 Irish acres. 

In 1828, L. H. Morton, Esq. of Bogwood is listed (among many other landlords of that district) as being called upon to repay the Trustees of The London Committee for Promotion of Industry in Roscommon for a development loan of £25.

In June 1830, an INSOLVENT DEBTORS Petition was to be heard in the case of Lewis Hawkes Morton, Bogwood.  By September of that year, Robert J. Morton of Bogwood applied to the voters' register citing his freehold of 10 pounds for the "lands of Bogwood, Barony of Ballintubber" [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 27 March 1830].

 In 1838, Thomas Moreton Esq. and others, defendants, saw par of the lands of "Bogwood otherwise Killinamona" along with other lands, their property, sold in settlement of the Cramer estate.  Thomas Moreton of Bogwood (c.1798-1848) died young age 49.

Lewis Hawkes Moreton Esq. Sr. (1762–1839) was married to Anne Morton (d.1837) who was the natural daughter of Johnston Moreton. Children: 

  • Charles Morton of Bogwood Esq.  (c.1799-1829)  married Henrietta Neligan of Belmont Co Meath, in 1826 but died young age 30.
  • Lewis Hawkes Morton Jr., of Bogwood Esq., married Charlotte Newcomen (1788-1848) of Clonard, in the County Longford*Charlotte Moreton's burial record states "married" suggesting L.H. Moreton Jr may still have been alive and residing at Cloonard in 1848. 
  • Thomas Moreton of Bogwood (c.1798-1848) 
  • Robert J Moreton of Bogwood (fl. 1830)
  • Moreton (d. 1834) married Christopher Southy Harrison, Attorney, but died young
  • Susannah Moreton (1794–1879) married John De Courcy and died at Lanesborough near Storkestown, Co. Roscommon.
  • Elizabeth Moreton married the Rev. Thomas Kennedy.
  • Margaret Moreton married Dr.  Henry Edward McManus of Longford in 1839.

In 1837, his wife Anne Morton (the natural daughter of Johnston Moreton) died and Lewis H Moreton Sr soon followed. He died of suspected poisoning in 1839  and left the incumbered Bogwood Estate to his 4 daughters.

In 1854, in the matter of the estate of James De Courcy and his wife Susannah Moreton, the Rev. Thomas Kennedy and his wife Elizabeth Moreton, and Henry McManus and his wife Margaret Moreton (defendants), for the purposes of discharging incumbrances, the following Moreton lands were ordered for sale: one undivided part of the lands of Bogwood alias Killinamona, Rockwood otherwise Culnaclough, (bar. Ballintubber Co Roscommon) and the lands of Drumdristan (Drumahaire, Co Leitrim). [Roscommon Journal 1854]

By 1855, the majority of Bogwood appears to have been held by the Farrell Taafe Nolan Estate.

Bogwood House is no longer extant. 


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  • Clarification: Olivia Morton, to whom he was indebted, was not Lewis Hawkes Morton's mother, but his sister-in-law. Olivia Morton (b. Hunt) was the wife of John Morton. Their mother was Susannah Hawkes. Susannah and her husband Thomas Brown Morton both died at Castlenode, and since her father John Hawkes did as well, Castlenode seems to have passed into Morton hands through her. 


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