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Good evening I am at a loss with my g grandad he was a solder on fermoy and was transferd to Liverpool barracks around 1912/13 I can not find his birth certificate  he was William James shaw as we knew him  he married my g Nan bridget McCarthy  were cathedral of queenstown 1910 then they were witnessed at bridgets sister Norah McCarthy wedding to James dalglish the two men seemed to be friends at barracks at fermoy  then the reason being we have a faulty gene in the family and the generics team whom I'm dealing with are trying to trace what side of family it cane from  many thanks in advance 




Monday 8th June 2020, 09:03PM

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    Welcome Diana to IrelandXO

    I have some good news for you  -  I think!

    Firstly - I found the Marriage Certificate between your William Shaw and his Bride Bridget McCarthy.

    Date:      19th June 1910 in the Cathedral Church in Queenstown, now called Cobh.

    William is down as a Soldier and his Father is James Shaw and is a Labourer - William gave his address as Haulboline 
    Bridget is down as a Servant and her Father is Denis McCarthy and is a Coachman  - Bridget gave her address as Clifton Place
    Michael O'Brien and Bridget Donovan were present for the marriage.

    See copy of the Marriage Certificate attached.



    As I had his Dad's full name -  lots were for Northern Ireland and Dublin - then came across one in Wexford.

    Date of Birth:     12th January 1882 to James Shaw and his wife  Johanna Shaw formaly Henrick a son - William James  -the address given is John Street, Wexford.

    See copy of the Birth  Certificate attached.  Do any of the names mentioned mean anything to you or do you have any connection with Wexford.

    Good luck with your research.

    Stay safe






    Thursday 11th June 2020, 08:38PM

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  • Good morning and thank you so much yes the marriage certificate is my great Nan and grandad I praying that is Williams mum and dad I have Just had a quick nose on ansestory and the mum and dad are coming up with a daughter  Margaret's Ann wonder if thst is them thsmks you do much may be he ran away to the army started of a wonderland life when William passed away him and Bridey were separated so sad getting married in that beautiful  church so now I have confined that marriage certificate is them do you think these is his mum and dad you are amazing I'm so greatfull Diiana 



    Saturday 13th June 2020, 10:13AM

    Hi Diana,

    From all the information given in both the Marriage Cert and baptism cert - dates and everything fit for your Jones family. What we would give to have a chat with them and all the questions we would have for them.
    Another link you might like to try is:  they may have something on the Fermoy barracks.

    If I can be of any more assistance - do let me know.


    kind regards and stay safe



    Monday 15th June 2020, 02:10PM

    Here is another link that might prove useful.


    take care and stay safe


    Monday 15th June 2020, 04:17PM
  • Thank you so much just posted on the forms either way I will let you know in Sio greatful for all your help your so kind 


    Tuesday 16th June 2020, 03:32PM