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Hi all - I have a query about the Long family. I may be connected to Longs that are reportedly from Kilmichael. My immigrant GGF is Jeremiah Long b. 1821 and his father was Denis Long possibly of Kilmichael. Jeremiah emmigrated to Portsmouth, NH.

I have a connection to a family with Patrick Long b. 1803 and their family story places him in Kilmichael, Co Cork. Both families make use of the male names Denis, Jeremiah and Maurice over and over again. It's possible that this Patrick Long could be either brother or cousin to my Denis Long. 

I've looked in the records, but I haven't found anything. Any help would be apreciated. 

Many thanks, Mary E. Curran

Mary E

Thursday 19th Jul 2018, 09:13PM

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  • Mary:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Looks like the Kilmichael RC records on start in 1821 but no baptismal record for Jeremiah is shown so either he was baptized in Kilmichael prior to 1821or he was baptized in a nearby parish. There are some Long records but not many where the father is Patrick or Denis. You mentioned a connection to  another Long Family, was that thru DNA testing? If you have not had your DNA tested, you may want to go that direction. I would look at records in nearly RC parishes. You also may want to post Jeremiah’s story to our XO Chronicles site.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 20th Jul 2018, 02:57PM
  • Hello Roger, thank you for your help. Yes, the connection is a DNA match. It's fascinating, but sometimes adds more questions than answers.

    I just recieved more information that includes Patrick Long m. Johanna Howard June 2, 1840 in Kilmichael. (children Denis, Catherine, Honora, Margaret, Ellen and Jane). My correspondent seems to think that Patrick - son of James Long was a first cousin to my ancestor Jeremiah Long. So I would be looking for James Long as the sibling of (Jeremiah's father) Denis Long. She also mentions Inchineill as a place that the family lived. She also gave me information that Jeremiah's first wife was Ellen Gavin and she was the mother of Mary Ellen Long. 

    Should I repost this on the Inchineill board? I think I will. 


    Thanks so much, 

    Mary E. Curran

    Mary E

    Monday 23rd Jul 2018, 09:00PM

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