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I would like to visit the home of my Dunnigan ancestors in June-August, 2020.   I have multiple USA records that say James Donigan/Dunnigan and his wife Sarah Brown and their children came from County Louth.  Some say Ardee, some Derryclavane and others Christiantown.  I need help finding Irish records for my family and then planning a trip to see where they lived.  Meeting any Dunnigans or Browns that are still there would be a real plus. (I met my Troy cousins in County Clare). I have looked at and it doesn't seem to have Louth records or at least not Donigan. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday 16th Nov 2019, 09:28PM

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  • Hi Miriam,

    Thanks for responding.  I will give you Louth baptism dates when I have them as they are more reliable than the US cenus dates.  Also, I just discovered that what was transscribed as Derrycanne may be Derry Camma or Derrycammagh.  

    James Donigan/Doonigan/Dennigan/Dunnigan and Sarah Brown/Browne/Broin children are:

    William baptised 3 Apr 1818 in Darver, Louth. Residence: Derry Lane

    Henry baptised 14 Jan 1825 in Darver, Louth.  Residence: Derrycamma

    James baptism listed second hand as 8 Jul 1825 but that is inconsistent with Henry.  Maybe it is 1826?  I would love it if you could find his baptism record as he is my great great grandfather. US records say Ardee.

    John about 1826

    Mary about 1827

    Patrick about 1830

    Alice baptised 8 Mar 1832 in Darver, Louth.  Residence: Derry Camma. Parents listed as James Dennigan and Sarah Bronin.

    Elizabeth baptised 13 Jul 1834 in Darver, Louth. Reidence: Christentown. I can't find Christiantown on google maps.

    Thomas M baptised 21 Jul 1836 in Darver, Louth.  Mother is listed as Sally 

    Nicholas (Ned) 23 Nov 1838 in Darver, Louth

    There may be others including a Kearn but these are the ones I am sure are children of James and Sarah Donigan.  They all died in upstate New York: Seneca Falls, Auburn or Rochester.  I have many of the death cerificates and census records.  Fortunately, Sarah lived with different children which helped me connect them. James (about 1825) had a daughter Mary Ellen who is my great grandmother.  I grew up hearing about her and my other Dunnigan relatives and have a picture of Mary Ellen and many of her sibs.

    Any help you can give me will be greatluy appreciated.





    Monday 18th Nov 2019, 11:09PM
  • Miriam,

    This is awesome information. Thank you so much.  It will take me a while to assimilate it all. Darver is the parish.  I think that is civil parish.  What would be the name of Roman Catholic parsih where the children were baptised?  Is it the same for Derrycamma and Christentown?  Are they still standing today?

    John and James emigrated on the Garrick and arrived in New York on 19 May 1848.   The immigration record for John lists Donsetown as his residence.  Do you recognize that residence?  Maybe the family had moved again.

    Sarah (mother) is with son William and his family in 1855 in Milo, Yates, NY.  John and family live nearby.

    Son Patrick does not show up in New York until 1859 with the birth of his daughter.  So he could be the Patrick Donigan in 1854 in Christiantown.  This gives me incentive to try and find more on him.

    Is there a site where I can find gravestone/burial records for the Derrycamma and Christentown area of Louth?  We can see if a Patrick is buried there.  Also, I would be interested in any other Donigan or Brown buried there.  

    Again, thank you so much for all your help.




    Wednesday 20th Nov 2019, 04:42AM
  • Miriam,

    I can see my messages to you but not your replies.  How do I find them?  You had valuable information in there for me.


    Kathleen Scheg


    Monday 9th Dec 2019, 11:01PM
  • Could someone please help me?  I can't see Miriam's replies to my messages.  There was very good information in it including who I should contact when I visit Louth this summer.


    Kathleen Scheg


    Thursday 20th Feb 2020, 04:20AM
  • I am still trying to get help finding the wonderful replys Miriam posted.  All I can see are my posts, not her replys.  If you are replying here they may also be invisiible. My email is


    Sunday 2nd Aug 2020, 05:11PM

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