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Hello --

My family will be traveling to Ireland this summer from the U.S.  We would love to find out if we have any relatives we could meet while over there.  I have a family tree that shows Thige Owen O'Sullivan (b. 1792) married Mary Reardon in Ballyvourney in 1826.  They had 9 or 10 children, one of whom was named John Owen.  John Owen married Abby Lucey in 1849 and they had 11 children.  One of their sons was named Timothy.  He married Mary T. Sheehan in Brockton, Massachusetts (U.S.) in 1894 and they had 8 children, one of whom was named T. Gregory (b. 1902).  T. Gregory was my grandfather.  Somewhere along the line, they lost the "O", and their last name became Sullivan.

I'd be thrilled if anyone was able to help me in my quest.  I spent a summer in Ireland as a child in 1976 and took a trip to Ballyvourney to see where my great-grandfather was from.  I'm looking forward to going back this summer and showing my children some of their heritage.

Thank you so much --

Deedee Row


Saturday 12th Apr 2014, 02:44AM

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